Enhanced LOV item

Oracle APEX dynamic action plugin for Tabular Form v1.0

The plugin is dynamic action plugin dedicated to use with custom tabular forms based on classic reports. The plugin implements functionalities of "Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item" (PAELI) plugin within tabular form by redirecting JS events from tabular form text fields to created instances of PAELI plugin. Thanks to the plugin, bussiness user can use autocomplete and modal dialog selection in tabular forms.

Features at a Glance

Compatibility with Oracle APEX

The plugin is compatible with Oracle APEX starting from version 4.1.x. The plugin is compatible with Oracle APEX 5 since version 2.2.1.

APEX Enhanced LOV item in tabular form

The plugin extends text fields in tabular form with capabilities of the plugin Enhanced LOV item (read about the plugin here). After applying the plugin to the report text fields columns it is possible to use almost every functionality of the plugin Enhanced LOV item. Check the demo section to test the plugin in action.

Browser support

The plugin was tested under three major browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome.


  • Support for paste event;


The plugin requires installed plugin "Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item v.2.2.1" to work.


This is the first version of the plugin. No version history is available.


This plugin is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects under MIT license. License has been included with this software.

Legal Disclaimer

The program(s) and/or file(s) are supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author takes no responsibility, assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of these program(s) and/or file(s).

Live demo

Demo below presents plugin in action binded with APEX Classic Report and Interactive Report. Reports source are defined as APEX collections and it can be modified by clicking "Save" button.

The plugin is binded to after refresh DA event and each time pagination or number of rows is changed the plugin alternate report columns with fake PAELI plugins.

Clasic raport


Clasic raport



Please click on the button below

Installation guide

After downloading and unpacking the zip archive please proceed with folowing steps:

  1. Select application you want to install plugin
  2. Go to Shared Components > Plugin-ins
  3. Click import button
  4. Choose installation file and proceed with installation steps.

Usage guide

On APEX page X create:

  1. Report region with textfield column using apex_item package (named f01)
  2. New APEX item using plugin "Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item" named PX_EXAMPLE_1
    • Set desired configuration of the plugin
    • Set "Region" = "<Report created in step #1>"
  3. New dynamic action:
    • Event = "After Refresh"
    • Selection Type = "<Report created in step #1>"
  4. Dynamic action "True action":
    • Action = "PAELI in tabular form"
    • Set plugin attribute "Plugin instances" = "PX_EXAMPLE_1"
    • Set plugin attribute "Column names" = "f01"
    • Fire On Page Load = "Yes"

Run the page and test the plugin in action.

To bind more then one column you need multiple instances of the plugin "Enhanced LOV item (item pluign)". Multiple item names and column names should be provided to the plugin attributes using comma as separator.

About the author

Bartosz Ostrowski


Oracle Application Express, PL/SQL and Frontend developer. IT consultant experienced in developing database and web applications using Oracle Application Express.
Oracle APEX enthusiast, plugin developer and active community member.

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